CAVE participants
CAVE The Curio Shop
CAVE Spring 2004
CAVE Blue Window Pane II


M Dolinsky

Real time interactive animation
     The Living Canvas-collaboration w/biologist Roger Hangarter
     Seed Robots - Moon Lust at the Adler Planetarium (AR)
     Occupy May Day Augmented Reality (AR)
     Sculptures -Figuratively Speaking &Dream Sequence-3D printing &video
     Poke holes in my thoughts (swimming at the edge) - Interactive Kinect
     Iím all about you
     Interfacing: Figuratively Speaking
     Walk into my photo! -Isnít it a dream?
     Passion with Tropes
     Technoetic Arts
     Telematic Collective Concert and VR Exhibition, Indianapolis Apr 21 2011
     Intermedia Festival April 23-25, 2010
     IS&T/SPIE Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2010
     Celestial Reflections at IU Kokomo Art Gallery Oct 20-Nov 11, 2009
     Annunciation + Visitation: Operatic Projections of her sexual insight
     Figuratively Speaking
     Six Friends
     Annunciation and Visitation
     Emotable Portraits
     Sponsae Christi: Wives of Christ
     Fleury: Massacre of the Innocents
     Cabinet of Dreams
     Alive on the Grid
     Beat Box
     Ars Electronica 2001
     LVis -- Library Visualization
     Blue Window Pane II
     SuperComputing 2000, Dallas Texas
     EVL at UIC

     Spring 2015 3D Virtual Environments
     Fall 2014 Immersive Showcase
     Fall 2013 Immersive Showcase
     Spring 2013 Immersive Showcase
     Fall 2012 Immersive Showcase
     Spring 2012 Immersive Showcase
     Fall 2011 IU Cinema Student Showcase
     Spring 2011 Telematic Collective Concert
     Fall 2010 NYU Exhibition
     Spring 2010
     Intermedia Festival Spring 2010
     Fall 2009
     Spring 2009
     Spr09 Flickr
     AVL Indianapolis 2009
     Fall 2008
     Telematic Concert Fall 2008
     Making IT Happen 2008
     Spring 2008
     Coccoliths in the IUPUI Telematic Concert
     AVL Indianapolis 2008
     Fall 2007
     AVL Indianapolis 2007
     Stelarc Visits SoFA
     Spring 2007
     DART Exhibition March 2007
     Fall 2006
     Spring 2006
     AVL Indianapolis 2006
     Making IT Happen 2006
     DART Show 2006
     Fall 2005
     DART Show 2005
     Spring 2004
     Making IT Happen Spring 2004
     Fall 2003
     Spring 2003
     Fall 2002
     Spring 2002
     Fall 2001
     Fall 2001 CAVE Critique
     Spring 2001
     Fall 2000
     Spring 2000
     Fall 1999

Visualization Resources
     University Information Technology Services
     School of Fine Arts Computer Laboratory 215
     UITS Advanced Visualization Laboratory

CAVETM Automated Virtual Environment [CAVE]
     AVL Open House 2002



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